Paper Systems

Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet roll holder

We offer a range of Toilet Roll Dispensers and Toilet Tissue, designed to fit into even the smallest of spaces and with features such as a lockable unit to avoid misuse.

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Paper Towel Dispensers

Many businesses are choosing to move away from paper towel solutions because of their effect on the environment and the cost of buying and disposing of the paper towels. Our electric hand dryers are becoming the obvious choice as they provide a fast and efficient hand drying solution and are economical to run, with the most popular being our Pure Blade hand dryer.

However at Pure Washrooms, giving our customers a choice is our priority and we are aware that there are some companies who prefer to use paper towels or practicalities mean that it’s not always possible to install an electric hand dryer.

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The benefits of our Paper Towel Dispensers:

  • Highly absorbent paper for fast drying
  • Compact units fit in even smallest spaces
  • A range of paper and dispensers available
  • Lockable unit prevents misuse