Problems with your urinals? Let us Introduce you to Pure Velocity

blocked waste trapHaving problems with your urinals? Unpleasant smells? Blockage issues?

Smells and blockages are caused by the build up of uric salt, body fat and limescale in waste traps.  Overtime, this can cause your urinals to omit offensive smells or even more seriously to overflow and flood; costing you time and money to get them repaired.Here at Pure Washrooms we are not ones to rest on our laurels and although our Pureco system solved many of the problems customers experienced with urinals, we knew something more could be done. Working closely with a innovation engineer, we have created a totally new system; the Pure Velocity urinal sleeve.

Pure Velocity

The secret to the efficiency of the Pure Velocity Sleeve is a fruit based citric acid; a natural by-product from a drink manufacturing process. The citric acid solves your common urinal problems as it dissolves waste, body fat and limescale on contact, with an added bonus that its citrus fragrance deodorises your urinal outlet – Clean waste traps and cleans smells!

Plumber fixing urinalsHave you ever considered how much money you spend on repairs, not to mention the inconvenience this causes to your customers and staff with urinals being out of order? The Pure Velocity Sleeve puts an end to all of that.

Water Saving

It gets even better. Alongside reducing maintenance and repair bills, Pure Velocity’s unique free flow design creates a high velocity flush (hence the name!)removing waste from the urinal trap and  reduces the amount of urinal flushing; saving you water and money on your water bills.

Why Choose Pure Velocity? 

  • The fast-flush clears waste and reduces risk of blockages and leaks and bad smells; improving your washroom environments and saving you money on maintenance and repairs
  • The design of Pure Velocity reduces the amount of flushing; saving you money on your water bills
  • Ticks all the green credentials; no harmful chemicals and completely environmentally friendly

So, what are you waiting for? 
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Pure Velocity is unique to Pure Washrooms – read more about this innovative product.