Who Knew Singing Happy Birthday Twice Was So Beneficial?

Hand washingHandwashing is so important that it gets its own Global Handwashing Day. This years was titled “Our Hands, Our Future!”, to remind us that washing our hands protects our own health as well as others’ both at home and further afield as we travel abroad.

Handwashing is an effective way to prevent many of the 272 million yearly schooldays lost to diarrhea, disease, and 50% of the infections acquired in healthcare settings – and even better it’s virtually free and smells really nice! (Information from www.globalhandwashing.com)

Have you ever thought of singing happy birthday whilst washing your hands? No? Well according to the Royal Pharmaceutical Society by the time you have finished singing it twice (about 20 seconds) you will have got rid of viruses and bacteria that cause colds, flu, infections and upset stomach. Have a look at the NHS recommended handwashing techniques.

BlackboardThe Royal Pharmaceutical Society (RPS) are calling for people to wash their hands more thoroughly as a way of cutting down on antibiotic use, as they are becoming less effective as bugs become increasingly resistant to them. The RPS reported that during a poll of more than 2,000 people that:

  • 84% were not washing their hands for long enough.
  • 65% do not always wash their hands before eating, and half do not wash them after touching animals including pets.
  • 32% do not wash their hands before preparing food
  • 21% do not always wash their hands after going to the toilet.

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