Fashionable London Washrooms

London fashion week has just been and gone where the most stylish celebrities, models and photographers grace our beautiful capital. With the fast pace and rushed environment, it’s a lot less glamorous than it looks, with frequent queues, traffic jams and having to use public toilets.

However, this doesn’t have to be the case (at least not for the public loos). We’ve decided to list our favourite public bathrooms that you can visit if you ever find yourself in London.


The first (and our personal favourite) is Sketch Restaurant in Mayfair. Sketch is an Instagrammers heaven with a very quirky atmosphere that doesn’t just stop at the table. A quick trip to the bathroom reveals an incredible collection of ‘egg-shaped’ toilets underneath a multicoloured roof. It truly is quite an experience.








Nopi is a Soho based restaurant and is a very popular food spot for fine diners. The menu changes frequently with the seasons but one of its most appealing features is in fact not the food. Nopi has a breath-taking bathroom, covered all over with mirrors and gold trimming this bathroom will really captivate and intrigue you.









There is no doubt about it, Aqua restaurant in the Shard must have one of the best views of London from their bathrooms. Whether it’s at daytime or night time the scenery is beautiful. If you ever visit these loos make sure you take a minute to just soak up the views.








For the “classier” type of bathroom user, you should check out the Claridge’s restaurant bathrooms. If you ever want to feel like royalty whilst sitting on the loo this is the place for you. After some lovely afternoon tea make sure to take a quick trip into their bathrooms to check out some very fancy décor.









We hope that when you next visit London you get the opportunity to visit at least one of these toilet hotspots.


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