Our Guarantee

Our clients are important to us, but we understand that actions speak louder than words. So to prove it, we have the Pure Washrooms Guarantee and we are the first washroom service provider in the UK to introduce this…

Pure Washrooms Guarantee

Most washroom companies fear to make solemn promises, and do not extend any guarantee to their customers. We are happy to offer you our Guarantee

1. We guarantee to offer only services & products that meet your specific needs.

We achieve this by following a detailed procedure to understand your needs, assess your situation, survey your washrooms and create a bespoke proposal that exactly meets your needs.

2. We guarantee to deliver the services & products you buy from us promptly.

We will tell you the exact date of installation, and we will be on time. However, if there is any delay caused by unforeseen circumstances outside our control, we will let you know as soon as possible. Plus, we will immediately re-schedule the installation or delivery as soon as possible on the next available mutually convenient date.

3. We guarantee to employ only experienced, skilled & trustworthy people for all the work we carry out for you.

In fact, they are not only experienced and skilful, but also they are reliable, enthusiastic and dependable and they have all successfully passed an ENHANCED DBS check. We personally guarantee them and everything they do for you, so you can rest assured that everything will be done right. If there is ever a problem with our equipment, we will fix it promptly at no cost to you.

4. We guarantee to install our equipment properly.

We will ensure that every product is installed strictly to its specifications. But we don’t stop there. We go an extra mile for our customers. After we install the product, we’ll double check every step of the installation to make sure all our equipment is absolutely fault-free and working perfectly.

5. We guarantee to explain in detail how our products and services work.

After we install the products, our service technician will explain how our products and services work. We will confirm your understanding and supply any additional paperwork, COSHH sheets, Method Statements & Risk assessments, etc that you may request

6. We guarantee to make every scheduled service visit ON Time: Every Time.

We schedule every service visit and will deliver this service on the same day of the week each time. If you would like your service day changed either temporarily or permanently please let us know and we will seek to accommodate your request. If we believe a different day may be more suitable, a bank holiday for example, we will discuss any changes with you in advance and agree with you what will happen.

7. We guarantee to complete all the paperwork correctly for you.

Your agreement with us is clearly written with all terms & conditions on the front. We provide COSHH, Risk Assessments and Method Statements information sheets upon request. We will submit accurate clear and simple invoices for your approval. We will e-mail you a signed service record and if relevant Waste Transfer Note after every service visit. If you have any questions we will answer you phone call within 3 rings and reply to your e-mail the same day during normal working hours. Our Admin team will always provide you with their name so you can always speak with the same person

8. We guarantee to fix problems promptly.

If in the unlikely event that you find the service does not deliver the result you expected, simply give us a call, and we’ll come and visit you and promptly address every issue you have raised with us. We will fully explain any changes we believe may be required and agree these with you and when and how these changes will be made. We will confirm in writing what we have agreed with you so you have your own record of what we have done

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Pure Team