A Breath of Fresh Air for Smelly Washrooms

Air Cleaner DeodorizersHave you been promised the earth with your fragrance unit and it has not lived up to the hype? If you are looking for the best odour remover on the market, then speak to us. Our PureAir Steril unit comes with a guarantee that it will eliminate odour in any washroom*, ensuring a clean and fresh environment, and killing harmful bacteria.

Our PureAir Steril, which was already one of the best on the market, has just got even better. Here comes the technical bit! Firstly, the Photocatalytic Oxidization (PCO) process, which is responsible for the time it takes to eliminate odours, has been increased by 50%, significantly reducing the time it takes to restore freshness back to your washroom. In fact, the PCO is so efficient it will even reduce toxic gases like nitrous oxide or carbon monoxide. Secondly, the additional Ti02 catalyst air diffuser plates increase the destruction of odorous volatile organic compounds which speeds up both bacteria and virus kill rates. It has now been scientifically proven that our product is the most advanced in the world for eliminating odour and infection control.

Washrooms accumulate high levels of harmful bacteria and viruses that can cause odours and infections. With every flush, toilets and urinals create airborne micro-organisms that settle on surfaces. Poor ventilation, shared facilities and bad hand washing practice all compound the hygiene problem. Regular cleaning and disinfecting alone cannot control the spread of micro-organisms. In one hour, a single bacteria can multiply to over a million. By choosing PureAir Steril all these problems can be resolved.

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Killer Fact
“98.11% of airborne contamination was killed in one hour’s use of a standard Air Steril MP20.”
HPA Porton Down labs

* every unit is scientifically specified to eliminate odours and reduce micro-organism levels as required in each environment for the best results.